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We hope you find the answers to your questions here.

Please take a look at the material on the page. We have F.A.Q. and links to common problems and advice on how to use

Google is your friend!

If you don't know how to change your profile picture for example, why not type the words, 'Moodle change profile picture', into Google and see what comes up?

Odds are that someone else has had the same problem and has come up with an answer.

Googling is a good habit to get into!



The presentations will not play!

Did you remember to download and install the free software we recommended on the home page?

To best view our courses you may need Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. Click on the Home button to go back there.


The presentation doesn't look right. Some of it is missing!

If this is the case, change the browser you use and see if that helps. So, if you are using Internet Explorer then try using Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

If it persists, then switch device or contact your manager to have a computer in Sunbeam available to use.

These problems sometimes occur with mobile devices such as iPads - so hold the device lengthways, it may allow you to view it correctly - or, try switching to a desktop PC.


Can I complete the course bit by bit?

This is usually the case. Each activity in each topic, once complete, can be marked as complete. Certain presentations allow you to resume viewing from where you left off also.


I tried to do some more on the induction course, but the sound is still very indistinct.

•are you going through CITRIX to do it? if so, please use your normal web browser instead.

•are you using Internet Explorer? Please download and use Google Chrome instead.

•is your volume turned on in the bottom right of the toolbar on your screen?

If not these solutions, could be a problem with your sound card/speakers.

Please contact the IT helpdesk.

Last modified: Thursday, 12 December 2013, 12:03 PM